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Full-Time Employment


Equal Opportunity Employment Policy

It is the policy of the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office to provide equal opportunity in employment to all employees and applicants for employment.  No person is to be discriminated against in employment because of race, color, sex, religion, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information or veteran status.


All qualified individuals are encouraged to apply for employment openings. For information on internships, please visit our​ Intern Program page.

Entry-Level Deputy Prosecuting Attorney

Entry-level deputy prosecuting attorneys work in either ​misdemeanor court or in the Juvenile Division. Successful candidates are self-starters and should be comfortable in a courtroom setting. Coursework in law school and/or related work experience should demonstrate a sincere interest in criminal law and trial advocacy.


Admittance to the Indiana bar and a JD from an accredited law school is required. Previous trial experience or training in trial advocacy is highly preferred.


Core responsibilities include, but are not limited to: trying cases, interviewing victims and witnesses, reviewing case evidence, negotiating plea agreements, and interfacing with community members and agencies.


Cover letters and resumes should be submitted to Charnette Garner, Chief Counsel, at Charnette.garner@indy.gov.​


Our office is always accepting applications. Qualified resumes are kept on file for consideration as openings become available.​


Available Positions:

Job Title: Child Support Deputy Prosecuting Attorney

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office Child Support Division seeks a qualified individual as a full-time Deputy Prosecuting Attorney.  Responsible for managing a caseload of approximately 7,500 cases, covering the full range of establishment, modification, and enforcement functions.  Coursework in law school and/or related work experience should demonstrate a sincere interest in family law and child support.

Applicant must have a license to practice law in the State of Indiana.  Applicant must be a resident of Marion County at time of hire or willing to relocate to Marion County within six (6) months from date the position is accepted.  

Cover letters as resumes should be submitted to Michael McGuire II, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, Assistant Supervisor Child Support Division at Michael.McGuire@indy.gov​​ 


Job Title: Administrative Assistant - Sex Crimes/Child Abuse Unit

Minimum Starting Salary: $28,000

The Sex Crimes Unit administrative assistant’s function is to fulfill basic secretarial duties to assist deputy prosecutors and paralegals in the Sex Crimes/Child Abuse Unit.

Performance Standards: Discovery is to be redacted and forwarded to the appropriate deputy prosecutor or paralegal within two (2) working days of receipt by the administrative assistant. Administrative assistant must be proficient on One Note, Word, Excel, PCMS and Outlook. They must also be knowledgeable of the scanners, copiers, and fax machine.

The Unit administrative assistant is responsible for monitoring supplies in the North copier/supply room on a regular basis, ordering supplies when necessary and their distribution upon delivery. The administrative assistant should assist in keeping the copier room and playroom clean. All work is to be completed in a timely manner and a professional attitude shall be maintained at all times.


New Files (electronic/paper)

1.                  Prepare appropriate pleadings/letters.

2.                  Redact victim/witness addresses/telephone numbers on defense copies of discovery materials.

3.                  Burn copy of redacted discovery to CD/DVD.

4.                  Provide prepared discovery to the assigned paralegal.

Trial Preparation

1.                  Print pleadings/letters as requested (to be written by deputy prosecutor or paralegal

unless standard forms in INPCMS).

2.                  Print and distribute subpoenas.

3.                  Call off witnesses when requested.

4.                  Prepare and send deposition letters/subpoena as requested.

5.                  Manage returned subpoenas and check subpoena error reports for Sex Crimes.

6.                  Assist with redacting statements, medical records and other discovery as requested by deputy prosecutor or paralegal.

Closed Files

1.                  Receive closed files from deputy prosecutors.

2.                  Prepare files for scanning and scan documents.

3.                  Keep file room neat and orderly.

4.                  Rearrange and/or send files to storage as needed to maintain order and adequate space in the closed file room.

Reception Area

    1. Assist with coverage in reception areas on the 1st, 4th and 6th floors


1.                 Order, maintain and distribute supplies for North supply/copy room on the 4th floor.

2.                 Answer main phone line for the Unit and assist callers as necessary.

3.                 Help supervise children who use the playroom for the Sex Crimes Unit.

4.                 Manage Outlook calendar for Special Victims Unit.

5.                 Schedule monthly meetings for Sex Crimes and DV Units as requested.

6.                 Manage and distribute electronic version of Special Victims contact list, update Center of Hope nurse list and DV court schedule as needed.

Qualifications Required: High School graduate or G.E.D.; good typing skills; familiarity with computers and word processing. Good organization and prioritizing skills necessary.

Individuals from within the office or outside the office that meet the minimum education and experience requirements listed below should forward their resume along with a cover letter to Venita Farrow – venita.farrow@indy.govno later than Friday, April 20th to be considered for this position.   ​

Contact Information
251 E. Ohio St. Suite, 160
Indianapolis, IN 46204 
Phone: (317) 327-3522
Fax: (317) 327-3531
Good Government Hotline: 
(317) 327-2700