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Board Meeting

March 8, 2007

Board Members Present:  David Cook, Advisory Board Chairman; Judge William Nelson, Rondle Brewer, Leslie Duvall, Patrice Abduallah, Terry Buford, Jerry McCory, Proxy for Mayor Bart Peterson; James Wyatt, Proxy for Sheriff Frank Anderson; David Wyser, Proxy for Prosecutor Carl Brizzi; Steve Garner, Proxy for Dr. Eugene White; Christine Kerl, Proxy for Leonard Simpson; Drew Carlson/Legal Representative;

Board Members Absent:  Rhonda Allen, Judge Marilyn Moores, Michael Wallman, Pastor Adrienne Holmes, Noel Wyatt, Dixie Ray, Jane Hart Ajabu,

Others Present: Brian Barton, MCCC; Tiffany Clark, MCCC; Bill Dishman, MCCC; Charles Eid, MCCC; Mark Smith, MCCC; Ashley Black, MCCC; Jenna Morrow, MCCC; Tabitha Fitzwilson, MCCC; Jessica McQuade, MCCC; James Fouch, MCCC; Chris Collins, MCCC; Chief William Owens, Securatex; Christy Smeehuyzen, MCCC; Brian Dawson, Canteen; Steve Stalnaker, Securatex;

With a quorum present, Advisory Board Chairman Dave Cook called the meeting to order at 12:34 P.M.

Approval of Board Minutes
Advisory Board Chairman Dave Cook asked for a motion to approve the Board minutes for the February 22, 2007 Board meeting.

The motion was moved and seconded and the February 22, 2007 Board meeting minutes were Board approved.

Approval of Security Vendor RFP for Duvall Work Release Center
Advisory Board Chairman David Cook recognized Brian Barton as he discussed the approval of Security Vendor RFP for Duvall Work Release Center and Community Corrections Center. Brian stated the Duvall Work Release Center will be completed by March 19, 2007, that excludes the work still needed on the kitchen. Brian thanked both Erick Swedberg and Denyce Cole from the Purchasing Division for working hard on this project.

We had four (4) interested companies that completed tours of both facilities. Only two vendors submitted a request that being Job One and Securatex. In the RFP each vendor was described how their proposal would be graded that being, the quality of the security program, correctional facility security experience, the cost of the program, whether the MBE and WBE status (Minority Business Enterprise and Women Business Enterprise) and lastly whether the company has "Special Deputy Capabilities".

The committee made up of MCCC management and officials from Purchasing started to grade both proposal and those proposals were in each Board member packet. Director Barton referenced the grading sheet and how each vendor was assigned a grade. Each grade was given by the committee as a whole with the exception of the MBE and WBE status that grade was provided by the Division of Equal Opportunity. When looking at the scores Job One has a possible score of 54 out of 100 and Securatex has a score of 89 our of a possible 100.

Questions and answers ensued with specific questions relating to the cost difference of the two bids. Brian stated that Securatex submitted two bids one being $1.9 million and one being $2.2 million. Job One's bid was $1.9 million but Brian acknowledge that their bid may be artificially low because they did not price employees who have special deputy status and those individuals can demand a higher salary. Brian stated that the $1.9 million dollar bid of Securatex was the one he was recommending.

Advisory Board Chairman Dave Cook asked for a motion to approve Securatex's bid and they be awarded the contract.

The motion was moved and seconded awarding Securatex with the security for both the Corrections Center and Duvall Residential Center.

Approval of Food Vendor RFP for Duvall Work Release Center
Advisory Board Chairman David Cook recognized Brian Barton as he discussed the RFP that included both food service and kitchen equipment for the Duvall Residential Center. As we begun to review the cost of renovation the Duvall Center, we were extremely close on the budget that was provided us. In order to stay under budget, the RFP was written that require all prospective vendor to provide kitchen equipment that would be purchased but by MCCC over a four (4) year period. That allows us to stay under budget, allow the kitchen experts to bring in the equipment that was needed and maintain that equipment thru the life of the contract. The last remaining change of the RFP before it was released was only to pay for those meals consumed by the residents at the Duvall. Historical data from other work release facilities demonstrated that on a average a resident consumed only two meals a day. Residents at a work release facility are afforded other opportunities to eat such as vending, commissary along with the ability to eat in the community when they are working.

Five companies toured the Duvall Center and the MCCC and Purchasing officials answered any questions the prospective vendors had. Out of the original five (5), only three (3) companies bid on the food service those companies being Aramark, Canteen and Cost Trackers. Again, a grading matrix was set up with the assistance of purchasing and financial viability of each company., MBE, and WBE status, and cost of the program. When applying each company's response to the grading matrix the committee tabulated the following scores, Aramark was 86 points, Canteen at 95 and Cost Trackers 90. Those scores were based on a potential 100 points being awarded. Before a final selection was made, I requested that Purchasing ask each vendor if they would freeze their pricing for two (2) years and all agree they would.

Brian Barton recommended that Canteen be awarded the food service contract.

Advisory Board Chairman Cook asked for a motion to approve Canteen for the food service provided at Duvall.

The motion was moved and seconded awarding Canteen with Judge Nelson voting no.

There being no further business before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 1:15P.M.