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Pooch Passes

​Indy Parks and Recreation Canine Companion Zones (CCZ) feature a place for your dog to run off leash and socialize with other dogs. To participate, your dog must be equipped with a "Pooch Pass."

Pooch Passes consist of a tag for your dog and a gate access card for you. The pooch tag may be worn on the dog or may be carried by the dog owner and in plain view at all times. To purchase a pooch pass, visit one of the Indy Parks locations listed to the right under "Sold At." You will want to bring with you your dog’s vaccination records (Rabies, Distemper, Parvo and Bordetella) to the Park Office. We accept check, cash, Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.



Keep your dog (s) on a leash until you are inside the CCZ.

While inside the CCZ, keep one leash per dog with you at all times.

All dogs in the CCZ must wear a current rabies tag. The pooch tag also needs to be worn on the dog or may be carried by the dog owner and in plain view at all times.

Always clean up after your dog (s). Owners are to remain in the CCZ with their dogs (s) at all times.

You are responsible for the behavior of your dog (s).

Dog (s) exhibiting aggressive
behavior are the responsibility of the owner.

The CCZ is unsupervised. Use at your own risk. Indy Parks is not
responsible for any injury or damage to you or your dog (s).

In the event of an emergency that
requires immediate attention, call 911.


Please remember that the CCZ was created solely for dog owners to allow their dogs to run freely off leash.

You will want to teach your children how to behave around dogs before you bring them into the CCZ.

Not all dogs are child friendly or accustomed to being around children. Children are easily run over or knocked down by running dogs.

Dogs may nip at children in an attempt to herd them.

Children who run and scream may become a target for the dogs.

Never allow your children to approach or pet a dog without the owner’s presence and consent.

Please do not allow children to play on the agility equipment.



The following are suggestions to ensure the safe usage of the CCZ.

Check all entrances before unleashing your dog to ensure that park gates are closed behind you.

Please do not let others come in under your gate access card.

Indy Parks recommends that users not smoke or eat while in the CCZ.

Be prepared to share your dog’s toys if you choose to bring them into the CCZ.

Please do not allow your dog to dig.

Indy Parks recommends that users bring no more than two dogs per person.

Please be respectful of posted hours.




$75 -1st Dog
2nd & 3rd Dogs - 50% Discount
$10 Replacement Tags & Cards
VIP* Pass $125 (never discounted)

After July 1—$55
After September 1 - $40
2nd & 3rd dog -  50% Discount

*Very Important Pooch Pass Good for all four Indy Parks CCZ available for purchase at Broad Ripple Park for $125 


 *Broad Ripple Park 327-7161
To purchase pass go to:
Broad Ripple Park Office
1550 Broad Ripple Avenue 46220
*Eagle Creek Park 327-7110
To purchase yearly pass go to:
Eagle Creek Park Office
7840 W. 56th Street 46254
*Paul Ruster Park 327-0143
To purchase pass go to:
Post Road Park Office
1313 S. Post Road 46239
*Smock Park 888-0070
To purchase pass go to:
Perry Park Office
451 E. Stop 11 Road 46227