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​Indy Parks Vendor Permits 

Frequently Asked Questions


Indy Parks and Recreation maintains 211 parks, over 11,000 acres, 135 miles of trails, and other valued amenities. In order to keep these park spaces beautiful and welcoming, and in adherence with existing guidelines, a vendor permit is required for professional photography, commercial filming, and the selling of food, merchandise and beverages. Park staff is available to assist vendors with securing a preferred space and reviewing required documents and fees.  


       Permits are NOT required for any video or still photography, if:


  • The photographer is a visitor taking the video or photos for personal use.
  • The photographer is a member of the news media filming current events or breaking news.



Park Staff approved permits are REQUIRED in advance for video or still photography, if:


  • ​Photos or videos are to be used for financial gain -- including advertisement -- by a company, organization, or individual.
  • Please note that a permit does not include authority to film or photograph park visitors unless agreed to by the park visitor and a signed release is obtained by the permittee.
  • The activity requires access to any area or facility within the park normally closed to the public. 
  • Example: Photo shoot conducted outside of normal park operating hours.
  • The activity is deemed by the Park Staff to interfere with park operations, visitor experience, or requires park staff involvement.
  • The activity involves props, models, professional crews, or set dressings.
  • A drone will be used.
  • Stunts will be performed.
  • Amplified music will be used.
  • Partial or full closure of any park facility, trail, or road for any length of time. 
  • For video or still photography at the Garfield Park Conservatory and Sunken Garden, call (317) 327-7183, or email


Park Staff approved permits are ALWAYS REQUIRED in advance for the selling of food, beverage, or merchandise in the parks.

How do I purchase a permit?


  • ​To obtain approval and purchase a permit, contact park staff or the Indy Parks Customer Service Center, (317) 327-7275 (option 2),




What documentation will I need to purchase a permit?


  • ​Food vendors must provide a current Board of Health Certificate.  The Marion County Board of Health requires a 30-day notice.  Contact Kelli Whiting at (317) 221-2256.
  • For professional photographers and commercial video requests, liability insurance is required with combined single limits of public liability insurance of $1,000,000 naming the Consolidated City of Indianapolis as additional insured.



Certificate of Insurance


  • ​Permitees shall obtain all necessary licenses, approvals, insurance and permits at its expense, and agrees to comply with all federal, state, and local laws, rules, regulations and ordinances in its exercise of this Agreement.  This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Indiana, and by all applicable Municipal Ordinance or Codes of the Consolidated City of Indianapolis/Marion County.  The Certificate of Insurance (COI) must name the Consolidated City of Indianapolis as an additional insured for $1,000,000. 



Fee Structure


  • Vendors who sell merchandise, food, or promote their services in Indy Parks must acquire a $30 vendor permit for the day. 
  • Businesses and groups filming commercials, ads and other work will be charged $200 for one half day or $400 for a full day.
  • Ice Cream trucks have a vending fee of $30 per month per park since they are driving through the park and not staying for an extended period.
  • The fee for each permit is determined by the following consideration:
    • Length of use
    • Magnitude of activity (size of area to be used and magnitude of impact on normal public use of the park)
    • Existing facility use fee (i.e. if permitee desires to rent an indoor or outdoor space with a designated fee, they must pay for space in addition to the photo fee)



Fee update


  • Existing Indy Parks vendor policies categorized commercial photography alongside commercial videography at a $200 half-day/$400 full day fee rate. Indy Parks realized that this higher fee did not match the scope of a professional photographer’s photo shoot. As such, the fee structure was recently updated – photography is now grouped with other vendors such as food, beverage, merchandise, and promoting services at a rate of $30 per day.




How will permits be enforced?


  • Park staff monitor the activities in their spaces. 



Further questions about processing the commercial photography, vendor, or commercial filming permits?


  • Contact Annette Harden, Customer Service Manager, (317) 327-5588. 





​Photo Use Agreement

Indy Parks requires a vendor permit for any commercial video or photography shoot on all city park property, including greenways. 

A permit  application must be completed and submitted with the appropriate fees  prior to the day of shooting/filming.  

 Commerical Video and Photo Shoot Agreement.doc​

Indy Parks Vendor Permit Fee FAQs.docxIndy Parks Vendor Permit Fee FAQs.docx