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​Introducing OpenCounter Indy - simplified permitting, licensing and zoning for Indianapolis businesses.

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OpenCounter Indy is a new online tool, developed by the City of Indianapolis in partnership with the Indy Chamber's Business Acceleration Team (IBAT). This easy-to-use website takes the often baffling process of opening a business and simplifies it. Enter your data once and OpenCounter Indy tells you exactly what you need to do to open the doors of your business, what forms you need to file, estimates of permitting and licensing costs, and how long the process is going to take. OpenCounter Indy reduces the amount of time required to open or expand a business in Indianapolis and Marion County.
The OpenCounter portal provides each applicant with a customized outline of the necessary permits, project licenses and fees, detailing relevant zoning and other rules while collecting the data that local governments require to ensure public health and safety. OpenCounter Indy allows companies to apply for permits, licenses, and navigate other city agencies and processes with a few clicks and keystrokes.
Say hello to transparent processes and timelines. OpenCounter saves you time and effort - valuable resources you can be putting into your new business!
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