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​Tents & Temporary Structures

In order for the City of Indianapolis to protect the safety, health, and general welfare of its citizens, it is important that all tents and temporary structures erected in the City of Indianapolis to be compliant to applicable codes and standards to ensure proper usage. Temporary structures and tents can be submitted through tents@indy.gov, through our drop off process, or by mail with the attention to the permitting section. Upon submittal of required documents the plan will be reviewed for conformity to the local ordinance for the City of Indianapolis and all applicable building/fire codes.

When you need a tent notification:

  1. Temporary canopies (no sidewalls on 75% or more of the perimeter) between 400-3200 square feet that contain no open or exposed flame
  2. Temporary tents, or membrane structures, between 200-3200 square feet that contain no open or exposed flame

When you need a tent permit:

  1. All tents, canopies, and membrane structures exceeding 3200 square feet
  2. Any size of structure containing an open or exposed flame
  3. Absent the notification process, a permit is required

When you need a permit for a temporary structure:

  1. Erection or installation of a deck or platform where no part of the floor is more than 30 inches above finished grade
  2. Erection of a structure which spans 120 square feet or less or base area, is less than 15 feet in height, is not placed on or attached to a permanent foundation and does not contain an electrical power distribution system, heating system, space heating equipment, cooling system, or space cooling equipment
  3. See separate requirements for permit and notification requirements for tents

Additional permit and notification requirements and exclusions:

  1. Temporary tents, canopies, and membrane structures would not be required to obtain an Improvement Location Permit or a Certificate of Appropriateness
  2. Multiple temporary tents, canopies, or membrane structures associated with a single event and/or located on a single property may only be required to obtain one (1) structural permit for the event and/or property. This shall only be permissible if all temporary structures associated with the event and/or located on a single property are ready for inspection at a single point in time.
  3. Permits and notifications must be visible to the general public
  4. All permitted temporary structures require an inspection prior to occupancy and use. Inspections may be requested for structures not requiring a permit. Inspections must be scheduled two (2) business days prior to the requested inspection. Inspections cannot be requested until permit has been issued. A phone number and email address are provided on the permits and notification forms.