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EFFECTIVE NOVEMBER 1, 2009, a pre-permit plan review is required for all Class 1 Structures (commercial, industrial, and multi-family) prior to receiving a building permit.


For Structural permits requiring plan review, we will need a completed copy of the Class 1 Structural Permit Application, payment of the initial fees ($478.00), and three (3) sets of the construction plans meeting the following minimum requirements for plan review:

  • All plans shall be drawn to scale. The recommended size architectural scale of details on drawings is 1/4'' (a quarter inch) per foot.
  • The area and scope of work shall be clearly indicated on the plans.
  • All plans shall be numbered and an index shall be provided on the cover sheet.
  • Address of the project shall be provided on the plans.

For further information on what type of work requires a Structural permit as well as requirements for plan submittal content, click on the link to the Revised Code of the Consolidated City and County, Chapter 536 Article II.

If you wish to submit through our drop off policy, mail such submittal to our offices with attention to the Permitting Section. Upon receipt, we will assign a tracking number to reference for any query into the status of the project.

If you wish to submit your Class 1 permit applications and plans online, you must register an account with our Citizen Access Portal.

Where required by the Revised Code of the Consolidated City and County, separate submittals for sewer connection, flood, drainage, wrecking and improvement location permits will need to be obtained before the Structural permit can be released.

Additionally, a separate submittal of the building plans is often required through the Indiana Department of Fire and Building Services for a State Design Release in order to release the plans under the Structural permit. A copy of the State's General Administrative Rules, which outline the State's design release procedures and guidelines, can be obtained from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, Fire and Building Services. A list of the applicable state-wide adopted codes, standards and rules are available on the State website. Their offices can be reached at (317) 232-1431 and are located at 402 West Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204.