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Purpose of Sign Regulations

"The purpose of the sign regulations set forth in this document shall be to eliminate potential hazards to motorists and pedestrians; to encourage signs which, by their good design, are integrated with and harmonious to the buildings and sites which they occupy; and which eliminate excessive and confusing sign displays; to retain current residents and attract new residents to the city; to preserve and improve the appearance of the city as a place in which to live and work as an attraction to nonresidents whocome to visit or trade; to safeguard and enhance property values; to protect public and private investment in buildings and open spaces; to supplement and be a part of the regulations imposed and the plan set forth under the Comprehensive Plan for Marion County; and to promote the public health, safety, morals and general welfare." Revised Code of the Consolidated City and County, Sec. 734-100.

Depending on what type of signs are proposed, permits may be required before installation occurs. However, permits are not required for routine maintenance or changing of the parts or copy of a sign for which a Sign Permit (SGN) has previously been issued, including changing a sign face; providing that the maintenance or change of parts or copy does not alter the surface area, height, or otherwise render the sign nonconforming, or increase the existing degree of nonconformity.

Within Marion County, Indiana, no structure shall be located, erected, altered or repaired unless the use, character and location of the structure are in conformity with the provisions of the applicable zoning ordinances, Official Thoroughfare Plan for Marion County, Indiana, and other ordinances relating to land use.

Sign Permit Fees:

  • Advertising:
    Application Fee: $32.00
    Signs 0-100 square feet in sign area: $417.00
    Signs 101 square feet in sign area: $838.00
    (In addition to the base fee)
  • Business – Pole, Pylon, Roof, Ground:
    Application Fee: $32.00
    Permit Fee: $422.00
  • Business – Wall, Incidental, others:
    Application Fee $ 32.00
    Permit Fee: $142.00
  • Business – Awnings or canopies with signs:
    Application Fee: $32.00
    Permit Fee: $170.00