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As stated in the Building Standards and Procedures, Sec. 536-201, any construction activity related to a plumbing system requires a permit, with the exception of the following activities:

  • Replacement in kind of piping in a plumbing system when the replacement piping meets the same performance specifications and has the same capacity as the piping being replaced and not more than twenty (20) percent of all piping in the structure is replaced.
  • Initial connection or reconnection of plumbing to a mobile home not placed on a permanent foundation located in a mobile home park licensed by the Indiana State Department of Health.
  • Replacement of appliances, fixtures, traps and valves in a plumbing system.
  • Replacement of a water heater with one (1) that is identical as to venting arrangement and type of fuel or energy input.

Plumbing Permit Application

Plumbing License