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As stated in the Revised Code of the Consolidated City and County, Sec. 536-201, any construction activity related to an Electrical Power Distribution System requires a permit, with the exception of the following activities:

  • Replacement of an attic fan, bathroom exhaust fan, range hood exhaust fan or whole house fan;
  • Installation of a single-phase electric circuit not exceeding sixty (60) amperes at a nominal 120/240 volts which involves the installation, modernization, replacement, service or repair of a heating system, space heating equipment, cooling system, space cooling equipment, a water heater or a food waste disposer for which a building permit has been issued; or
  • Installation of household appliances such as window air conditioners, refrigerators, refrigerators with automatic icemakers, ranges, microwave ovens, clothes washers, clothes dryers, dishwashers, food waste disposers and trash compactors when such installation does not include the installation of an electrical circuit; or
  • Connection, provision or use of temporary electrical power for on-site construction

Electrical Permit Application

Electrical License