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In order for the City of Indianapolis to protect the safety, health, and general welfare of its citizens, it is important for land alterations to be compliant with standards and practices that result in proper stormwater drainage and sediment control. When developers, builders, engineers, contractors, and property owners are compliant with set requirements these goals are achieved. By applying and receiving approval for a Stormwater Permit, the applicant has agreed to comply with set requirements.

When you need a drainage permit:

Any land alteration must be accomplished in conformity with stormwater requirements where the definition of land alterations shall mean any on-site or off-site action taken relative to land which either:

  • changes the contour of; or
  • increases the runoff rate or volume; or
  • changes the elevation; or
  • decreases the rate at which water is absorbed; or
  • changes the drainage pattern; or
  • creates or changes a stormwater facility; or
  • involves construction, enlargement, or location of any building on a permanent foundation; or
  • increases the delivery of point and/ or non-point source pollution to streams; or
  • creates an impoundment.

What is needed:

As a general rule, all land alterations in platted subdivisions, commercial, and industrial developments will require:

  • stormwater permit application
  • stormwater plans stamped by PE, RLS, ARCH 
  • technical information report
  • sediment and erosion control plan
  • BMP operation and maintenance manual

As a general rule, all land alterations in single and double-family dwellings will require a site plan.

Of course, every site development project is different in nature and scope that may result in the plan approval process being altered to accommodate the specific considerations of the project.

Approval, Construction and Inspection

The installed storm sewer system will not be accepted by the City until all requirements for inspection and testing established by these regulations are completed. Inspection of the stormwater drainage system and associated land grading and erosion control measures will be completed by the Department of Business and Neighborhood Services to ensure conformance with the approved site construction plan and supporting documents. Any portion of the stormwater facility not passing the tests must be replaced, to the extent required by the City, and re-tested.

Construction observation services, testing, and 'record' drawings shall be provided for those developments meeting the following criteria:

  1. All platted single and double-family, subdivided and platted commercial/industrial developments.
  2. All commercial/industrial developments that will not be subdivided and platted; which, however, plan a disturbance of 5 acres or more of land area.
  3. All land alterations that involve installation of Class I and Class II stormwater systems.

Once construction begins, the contractor will be responsible for informing and/or notifying the department's observer assigned to the following:

  • daily work schedule including any changes in schedule
  • prior notification if work is to be performed on weekends and/or holidays
  • date mandrel tests are to be performed
  • date 'as-built' verification is to be performed

The Department of Business and Neighborhood Services, upon request of the contractor and/or owner, will schedule the final inspection.

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