Improvement Location
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Improvement Location


No structure shall be located, erected, altered or repaired upon any land within Marion County, Indiana, until an Improvement Location Permit has been applied for by the owner (or authorized agent) thereof and issued by the Department of Business and Neighborhood Services, unless specifically exempted.

Specific Exemptions

An Improvement Location Permit shall not be required for the creation or alteration of the following structures or for accomplishing the following types of improvements. All provisions and regulations of the zoning ordinance applicable in the particular situation shall continue to apply to exempted structures and improvements:

  • Children's play equipment (residential), including above ground pools which are eighteen (18) inches or less deep and fifteen (15) feet or less in width at their widest point.
  • Decks or patios (under eighteen (18) inches in height).
  • Enclosure, within the existing building footprint, of portions of the building which already have a foundation and a roof (residential).
  • Mini-barns or sheds (under one hundred twenty (120) square feet and not on a permanent foundation).
  • Movable, temporary use structures or buildings utilized during construction projects.

For a complete list of exemptions or to view the regulations regarding Improvement Location Permits, click on the link to the Revised Code of the Consolidated City and County and search for Chapter 730, Article III, Improvement Location Permits.