Lobbyist Registration
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Lobbyist Registration

Executive & Legislative Branch Lobbying Registration begins January 1, 2010

Lobbying Registration for the City of Indianapolis/Marion County

In 2009, the City-County Council adopted Mayor Greg Ballard’s lobbying reform proposal. Effective January 1, 2010, the ordinance requires all lobbyists engaging in executive or legislative branch lobbying activity with an agency of the City of Indianapolis or Marion County to register with the Department of Business and Neighborhood Services.

Registration and Filing Requirements

How do I register?
Click here to register online

Lobbyist Registration User Guide
Lobbyist Registration Guidance

When do I need to register?
Within fifteen (15) business days following an initial contact with an agency in an attempt to influence an action or decision related to a proposal, contract, lease, financial arrangement, rule, regulation, or policy, a lobbyist shall file a Lobbyist Registration Statement with the Department of Business and Neighborhood Services.

When do I need to file annual report?
Generally, between January 1st and 15th of each year, a registered lobbyist, who is primarily employed and receives payment, or who contracts for financial consideration, exceeding $1,000 in any calendar year, shall file an annual report with the Department of Business and Neighborhood Services regarding lobbying activity for the prior year. For 2018 lobbyist activity the reporting deadline is Tuesday, January 15.

What must I disclose in the annual report?
The report requires disclosure of total payments received for each engagement, as well as a description of, and the costs associated with any item of entertainment, food, drink, honoraria, travel expenses, or registration fees given or provided to a city or county official, appointee, or employee.

Do I need to report changes in information or termination of engagement?
If there is a material change to any information contained in a registration statement or annual report, the lobbyist shall file an appropriate written amendment with the Department of Neighborhood Services within fifteen (15) days after the change occurs.

Each lobbyist shall file a written notice of termination with the Department of Neighborhood Services within fifteen (15) days after the end of an engagement; however, this does not relieve the lobbyist of the duty to file an annual report.

What are the fees?
There is a $100 fee to register as a lobbyist; however, there is no fee for annual reporting.

Where can I find the lobbyist registration ordinance?
Section 909 of the Revised Code.


If you have specific questions regarding the new process or whether you will be required to register as a lobbyist, please contact the Office of Corporation Counsel at ethics@indy.gov or (317) 327-4055.