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According to Chapter 575 of the Revised Code, Graffiti is defined as any unauthorized inscription, word, figure, design, painting, writing, drawing or carving that is written, marked, etched, scratched, sprayed, drawn, painted, or engraved on or otherwise affixed on a component of any building, structure, or other facility by any graffiti implement, visible from any public property, the public right-of-way, or from any private property other than the property on which it exists.

Graffiti is an environmental public nuisance and destructive to the rights and property values of neighboring property owners as well as the entire community. Graffiti is a symbol of disorder and lawlessness and contributes to a downward spiral of blight and decay.

The Graffiti program is designed to help clean up properties and beautify our city, not re-victimize citizens. 

To report Graffiti, please call the Mayor’s Action Center at 327-4MAC (4622) or through the RequestIndy app available for smartphones. Be prepared to provide the street address and any necessary details about the property including the approximate location of graffiti on the property.
Below is the process which follows reporting:
Step 1 – Citizen reports Graffiti to the Mayor’s Action Center.
Step 2 – An inspector receives the complaint and inspects the property.
Step 3 – If the inspector determines Graffiti exists, a Notice of Violation is issued to the property owner. Note Property Owner Assistance and Provision below.
Step 4 – From the date the Notice of Violation is mailed, the property owner will have a maximum of 30 days to remove the graffiti. Extensions may be requested and must be submitted at least 10 days prior to the alloted time given in the Notice of Violation.
Step 5After the allotted time, if the graffiti is not addressed, a $50 citation can be issued.
Property Owner Assistance and Provision
Included on the notice of violation will be information regarding abatement assistance. Abatement assistance is available through Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB), and other participating organizations. Further information regarding graffiti assistance can be found by visiting Please note, per Chapter 575 of the Revised Code, if at any point assistance is no longer available, the program shall be suspended until such assistance is in operation and available.
Useful Information:
Properties located within the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission designated district, the North Meridian Street Preservation Area or the Reginal Center District may require additional approval prior to removing graffiti.
Contact the following for additional information:
Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission (IHPC) at or 327-4406
Meridian Street Preservation Commission (MSPC) at or 327-5165
Regional Center District (RC) at Regional Center Website or 327-5847
Property Owners and Managers may apply for an extension through the
Graffiti Extention Request Form. Forms can also be obtained by contacting 327-5024 or by requesting at Completed forms may be submitted in person or mailed to: DCE Graffiti Extension, 1200 Madison Avenue, Suite 100, Indianapolis, IN 46205, or submitted at