Hiring a Contractor
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Hiring a Contractor

Frequently Asked Questions and Helpful Tips

Does My Contractor Need to be Licensed or Listed?

For projects requiring a permit, hire only licensed, listed or registered contractors. To see if a contractor is licensed, listed or registered, call 327-8700 or check the lists of Licensed Contractors as of 10-26-08. When a contractor meets these requirements, they have a bond and liability insurance policy on file with the City. This is kept so that if any problems with the work occur, the homeowner has an avenue of recourse against the contractor.

Who Should Purchase the Permit?

If you are the one who is going to do the work, you should be the one to purchase the permit. If a contractor is hired to do the work, the contractor should be the one to purchase the permit. Do not purchase the Permit for the Contractor. Whoever purchases the permit is responsible for the work and its compliance with City Codes and Ordinances. Therefore, permits should be pulled only by the parties doing the work. Written authorization must be given to allow any other agent to act in behalf of the contractor or homeowner doing the work.

Homeowners may at any time request and receive an inspection, free of charge. If violations are found, a re-inspection fee may be assessed on the contractor or homeowner, whichever is doing the work.

Helpful Links

The following are links to local web sites that deal with choosing a contractor: