Regulated Drain Petition for Encroachment
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Consent of Regulated Drain Encroachment

Permanent structures or improvements cannot be located in any regulated drainage easement without a consent of encroachment. For approval for an improvement to be located within a regulated drainage easement, the improvement needs to meet all development standards set forth in the respective dwelling district zoning ordinance, and needs to not impede the flow of water, either by extending over the easement or being of chain link to provide for water flow. Please understand that this does not speak to any covenants or commitments that may or may not be included in your subdivision, and even if a consent of encroachment is granted, the City could authorize at any time to work in the easement in such a way that would require the improvement or other structure in question to be removed at the owner's expense.

To begin the application process for a consent of encroachment, it is advisable to first call Neil Marcus 327-8583 to see if building in the respective easement is at all possible. If so, you will need to come into our offices at 1200 Madison Ave., Suite 100, with a site plan that shows the easement and the location of the proposed fence or structure, and speak with an infrastructure project manager.